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Our Story

My Book Bag was inspired by our three year old daughter who was recently diagnosed with a life-long chronic illness. Our first instinct after her diagnosis was to try and arm ourselves with as much knowledge as possible. We read and read everything we could. However, being only three our daughter’s only real source of knowledge about what was happening to her came from us. She was understandably going through a roller-coaster of emotions and we found ourselves scrambling to find information and resources that she could process. We spent hours upon hours online searching for kid friendly books to try and help her talk about what she was going through.

This is when it hit us. When parents and children are in any kind of emotional situation, they need resources easily available. They shouldn’t have to search hours upon hours to find books that are potentially useless and a waste of money. What if these resources were easily available? What if parents already had the tools available to assist children? Tools to help them be brave when they’re scared, to try and think positively, to let them know that it’s ok to feel sad and worried, and give them words to help express how they’re feeling. Thus, My Book Bag was born.

Ally & Daughter

Ally is a mum of two very spirited girls (three and one) and a Primary School Teacher with a bachelor in Psychology. She has taught in Primary Schools across South East Melbourne for the past 8 years, and prior to this volunteered in schools in Cambodia, South Africa and India. As an educator, Ally uses books as a tool to create conversations amongst children about topics ranging from from literacy to science, to well-being to mathematics! Now more than ever it’s important for children to develop the skills to become emotionally and socially intelligent. Ally wants to share her experience and knowledge so that the conversations that happen in the classroom can happen at home too.

Daughter #1
Daughter #2